Amending your estate plan? Please consider a current or legacy gift to Interfaith Family Shelter

Tax changes may be contemplated under the new administration, including changes to wealth transfer taxes.

If you are in a position to be revising your estate plan and have the means to consider charitable giving, we kindly ask you consider a current gift of any amount or bequest to the Interfaith Family Shelter. Options include gifts of cash, real estate, securities, retirement assets, outright or, for example via donor advised fund, charitable lead trust or life insurance trust.

We will work with your advisers to implement a strategy that works for you and your family and furthers your charitable goals of leaving a lasting legacy.

Thank you for all you do to help us reach our vision that no child sleeps unsheltered. You are the miracle. Please call and ask to speak with our Director of Philanthropy. We are here to help you as you so generously help us. #thankyou