“Home” and the Pandemic: A Different Equation When We Are Homeless

We hear a lot about how our “homes” are now our workplaces, our restaurants, our gyms, our schools, our child care centers.

However, what if we have no “home”?

It is, understandably, almost too much – too painful – to consider. That is, what happens when you are a family with no “home” and you are faced with a pandemic, where being unsheltered, in itself, could lead to exposure to a deadly virus, hospitalization (with likely no healthcare coverage), and, potentially death.

It is important to consider these issues.  We exist to solve these problems. Your help makes it possible.

We dream of day when no child will sleep unsheltered. Won’t you help us help families struggling with homelessness in the midst of Covid-19? On behalf of all our shelter families, thank you.



NY Times Asks, How Has the Pandemic Affected Our Idea of “Home”