It’s All About Housing

You’ve heard us talk about the challenges families bring as they move into The Family Shelter. You know about our efforts to help families move out of the      shelter as soon as is feasible. And you’re very familiar with the needs of families while at the shelter based on our requests for your assistance over the years.

Reality check:  No matter what the needs are while at the shelter and no matter how   generous we all are during the families’ time at the shelter, families can go no further than the shelter  doors without adequate affordable housing accessible in a short period of time.

2 ) This boils down to the need for housing, housing, housing.  Without it the shelter can look like a destination of itself which it’s not.  It is meant to be a stop along the way toward permanent housing.

3 ) CHANGE is our theme.  Funding shrinks, funding changes priorities, and some is very prescriptive.  Dilemma.  Housing that has been available to the shelter families is no longer available to many. This means that educating, building relationships and working with private landlords is crucial. We know finding affordable housing has always been tough.  It’s gotten tougher. This has incredible impact as families try to move out of the shelter.

4) Interfaith Housing Partnership has been around a long time with many ebbs and flows.  We need to re-design this so more families can participate. This program is supported by private funds only. We have more flexibility in design. We need financial support for rents and staffing and landlords  to work with us.

Landlords?  Introductions to landlords?  Call:  425-252-6672