It’s Time to Move Beyond: A Letter from Mary Ellen

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Oft-quoted, yet still profound in its implications: “Whatever you can do or dream, begin it.” ~von Goethe


For years our overarching goal remained the same–continue to increase quality while maintaining our support of families experiencing homelessness. We continue to accomplish that goal. We are here. Our doors are open, families move forward to independence.

It is time, however. We must move beyond simply maintaining the programs we currently offer. Maintaining is no longer enough. The needs in our community are too great. We must boldly move forward. We need you. We need your dreams. And as always we need continued support via human and financial resources.


How do we expand our support for families experiencing homelessness? In addition to emergency shelter, what needs are we currently not able to address? What resources do we need to move from dreaming of expansion to planning and DOing? This is where we are. We need all of your hearts, minds and support as we move forward.

I want to start this process by talking to all of you. What are your big ideas and bold dreams for addressing homelessness?

Roundtable Discussion

Tuesday, June 30, 6:30- 8pm

Spirit of Grace United Methodist ~ 3530 Colby in Everett

Pizza and salad available. All invited.

We’re on the road—whatever we can do or dream, let’s begin it!

With great respect,

Mary Ellen


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