Jobs Report Grim News for Those Most Vulnerable: We Need Your Help

Many families in our community today face eviction and are in food lines for the first time in their lives. Family homelessness is a multi-layered problem which is exacerbated during any crisis, in particular a once-in-a-century pandemic which has impacted the most vulnerable the most severely. Job losses and loss of employment prospects which are confirmed by what some are today calling “anemic” employment growth are one of the key components leading a family to homelessness. Once homeless a family will experience a cascade of additional harm in particular to school-aged children who have no stable home from which to learn or attend school. We need your help to provide the resources to stem the tide of this cycle which is spiraling out of control during the Covid-19 pandemic. Thank you to our generous volunteers and donors, and our corporate, foundation and community partners whose commitment is meaning the difference between today and tomorrow for our shelter families.





Read about the grim employment numbers here:

February Jobs Numbers Show Continued Pain