Overcoming homelessness, one family at a time.

Our annual fall Fundraising event Families Together will be online this year.


Help families overcome homelessness and achieve stable permanent housing. Become part of the solution today!

Helping families succeed

We couldn’t see a way to get a home, but Interfaith changed that. Now my boys are able to be teenagers, without many of the adult burdens they have carried. The Family Shelter changed our lives. - Single Mom of 2 teenage sons

“Sometimes I sit on my couch in my house and watch my baby play and I say to myself: Is this really real? It seems surreal at times. I was at the Interfaith Family Shelter for 3 months, and I have now been housed for 6 months." - Single dad of a 2-yr-old

Want to Donate items?

The Shelter accepts donations Mon – Thurs. Call (425) 303-9774 or click here to learn more.


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