Faith Family Village

Faith Family Village is our latest and most innovative collaboration to provide shelter to families by helping them move off the streets and into homes. This Pallet Shelter community project serves families with children in Everett and provides an additional eight emergency shelter units.

Faith Family Village launched in October 2023, and is operated in partnership with Faith Lutheran Church, Faith Food Bank, the City of Everett, Snohomish County, and Pallet Shelter.

This shelter location applies our proven and successful emergency-shelter-and rehousing program, and can serve at least 32 families per year (approx. 128 individuals, including 75 children), which increases our total program capacity by 38 percent.

Faith Family Village began accepting family clients in Jan 2024.

Interfaith Family Shelter staff have an on-site office at the Faith Family Village shelter location.

A timeline of Faith Family Village’s construction – from groundbreaking to completed Pallet shelters!

Does your family or someone you know need emergency shelter at Faith Family Village?

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