Homeless Prevention

Keeping families housed by preventing homelessness.

Photo: Kelly Sikkema

There are about 21 evictions every day in Washington state. Many of these are preventable.


Our Homeless Prevention program helps keep families housed and avoid becoming homeless.

Case managers work with clients by providing:

  • Short-term resources: For immediate assistance:
    • One-time limited financial assistance (to cover one month’s rent or utilities)
    • Access to income-based assistance programs, e.g., daycare / childcare, utility assistance programs, etc.


  • Long-term resources: To promote home stability and prevent previous issues from re-occurring, including:
    • budget and financial planning help
    • employment and career guidance assistance
    • landlord / property manager relation-building

Who is eligible:

You can apply to our Homeless Prevention program if:

  • You are a family (i.e., any legal relationship between an adult and child, including single parents and pregnant mothers)
  • You currently live in Snohomish County, WA
  • Your household currently falls within 60% of the area median income (about $70,000 for a family of 5).



Contact our Homeless Prevention Specialist by clicking here, or call (360) 395-1335.




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