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Finding Solutions to Poverty and Homelessness: An Interfaith Gathering

On January 15th, we hosted an interfaith gathering of faith leaders.

Strong, compassionate collaboration among faith groups and the community are powerful forces for addressing homelessness. This belief is core to the work of our organization. This was the impetus behind our decision to organize this event. An interfaith gathering of this type hasn’t occurred in our county in many years.

The response was clear: there is a desire for more interfaith collaboration in our community.

The gathering drew a larger and more varied group than we originally expected. This fostered a lively and productive conversation. Based on the response, there is clearly a need to communicate more easily and effectively among faith groups. We need a way to support each other in the work that we do, and also a way to communicate so that we can avoid duplicating services.

So what’s next?

Our goal for this gathering was not just to talk, but to initiate action. Here are some key needs that were identified–and some ways you can help!

  • Identified Need: A revised community meals list. Coordination so meals are spread more evenly throughout the week.
      • ACTION: Tell Us About Your Community Meal. If you host a community meal and we haven’t already spoken to you about this, please contact our admin office.
  • Identified Need: More ways for faith leaders to gather and connect.
      • ACTION: If we didn’t reach out to you about the meeting in January, we’d love to hear from you now. Contact Mary Ellen at our admin office if you have any ideas for gatherings or are interested in learning about future opportunities.
  • Identified Need: Stronger communication and resource sharing in order to best help people in crisis.
      • ACTION: Church secretaries- we want to hear from you! Faith group secretaries/office administrators are on the front lines when it comes to meeting the needs of low-income and homeless persons who approach congregations seeking assistance. Please take a minute to tell us what you need in order to best serve people in crisis.

Church secretaries/administrators: What do you need in order to best serve people in crisis?

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